All About It

Why do I do what I do?

I think that it has always been a difficult thing for musicians to find music that they actually enjoy playing. Sure, Mozart is cool...but some more new aged music isn't too bad either. I want people to play something that can be kinda fun. And I think that when people do something they love and enjoy, they become motivated to do it more often (like practicing, perhaps). 


How I get this music:

I use these files called Midi files.

Midi = Musical Instrument Digital Interface

It's like digital sheet music.

What I do is I download midi files from the internet or other YouTubers. Then in my notation program, MuseScore, I can edit the midi files so that there are music parts for every instrument.


What's MuseScore?

Since a lot of people ask, MuseScore is the program that I use to edit music. If you've seen my YouTube channel, yes, MuseScore is the program that is playing across the screen as well.

In Musescore you can make and edit music of your own. You can remix music, make your own time signatures, add notes, sharps, flats, keys, and there's a huge list of instruments. It has all that.

You can check out what MuseScore is right here (oh, and it's free).


Putting YouTube videos together:

Some other people are curious about how I upload videos to YouTube.

Here is a simple list of things I do:

1. Download a MIDI file of a song. 

2. Open the midi file and edit the music in MuseScore.

3. Playback the music. Screen record and save a video of the playback (I use SnagIt 5.0 as my screen recorder).

4. Save the audio of the music (file, save as, select as type Wave Audio).

5. Open video editing program (I use Windows Live Movie Maker as my video editing program). 

6. Line up video with audio. Upload to YouTube.


Other questions?

I don't see all video comments, so message me on YouTube @

Latch - Disclosure ft. Sam Smith
Latch Background Audio.wav
Wave Audio File [39.4 MB]