My name is Shannon, and I'm a musician. I created a YouTube account under the username "Shazamio" in 2010, when I was in seventh grade. I arranged music for fun for whatever songs I liked, and then I shared that music through my YouTube videos. I later created this website, Shazamio's Music, as a way to make my arrangements available for download. 


I listen to a variety of music, including pop, alternative, indie, metal, hip-hop, rock, instrumental, dubstep, electronic, jazz and classical. All of these genres have influenced the way I write and think about music. I think it is important to consider different musical styles and to be open to new ideas.


Outside of Shazamio, I perform in marching bands, jazz bands, orchestras and play clarinet, saxophone, and piano. Currently, I'm a college student studying computer science, but music will always have a place in my life.


An enormous thank you goes out to all those who have supported me throughout the years! Shazamio has undergone so many changes and projects. Thanks to those who stuck around and have been patient with me in the process of trying something new.